How Much Does It Cost to Rent a Carpet Cleaner? A Complete Guide



If you’re looking to deep clean your carpets yourself without purchasing an expensive machine, renting a carpet cleaner is a great option. But how much should you expect to pay to rent carpet cleaning equipment?

At Eagle’s Eye Carpet Cleaning, we want to provide you with a complete guide on carpet cleaner rental costs. We’ll cover rental rates from national chains, local retailers, and tool rental companies. We’ll also break down the different types of carpet cleaners available for rent, factors that influence price, and tips to get the best deal.

Average Carpet Cleaner Rental Rates

The cost to rent a carpet cleaner for a day ranges from $20 to $50 for a basic model from a retail store. Prices at tool rental facilities for commercial grade carpet cleaners average $40 to $60 per day.

Here’s an overview of typical carpet cleaner rental rates:

  • Retail stores (24 hr rental): $20 – $50

  • Retail stores (48 hr rental): $30 – $70

  • Tool rental companies (daily): $40 – $95

  • Tool rental companies (weekly): $100 – $325

  • Tool rental companies (monthly): $300 – $980

To give you a better idea, here are the starting rates at three major rental companies:

Home Depot

  • Basic (24 hr): $29.99

  • Advanced (24 hr): $49.99


  • Basic (24 hr): $29.99

  • Advanced (24 hr): $47.99


  • Basic (weekly): $109.99

  • Advanced (weekly): $125.99

These numbers illustrate how longer rental terms generally cost more, but offer a lower effective daily rate. Renting for multiple days or weeks helps offset the base rental fee.

Key Factors That Influence Carpet Cleaner Rental Costs

Several key factors determine how much you’ll pay to rent a carpet cleaner:

  • Rental duration – Prices are lowest for partial day rentals up to 4-6 hours. Daily and multi-day rentals cost more. Weekly rates offer the best value for extended rentals.

  • Machine type – Basic models rent for less than heavy-duty commercial grade cleaners. Advanced features also add cost.

  • Pickup/delivery fees – Renting from a local retailer avoids fees compared to equipment rental companies.

  • Brand – Nationally known brands like Rug Doctor often cost more than retailer or rental company brands.

  • Attachments – Special tools for stairs, upholstery, etc. cost extra to add on.

  • Cleaning solution – This is usually sold separately from the rental machine.

  • Location – Prices can vary regionally based on market rates and demand.

Understanding these key variables will help you estimate the total rental costs for your specific rental situation.

Types of Carpet Cleaners Available for Rent

There are three main types of carpet cleaning machines you can rent:

1. Standard Carpet Cleaners

These are the basic carpet cleaner rentals you’ll find at grocery stores, big box retailers, and home improvement warehouses. They use a combination of soap/detergent and water to extract dirt, working well for a basic refresh.

How they work:

  • Dispense water + cleaning solution into carpet
  • Agitate with rotating brushes
  • Extract dirty water with a vacuum

Rental cost: Approximately $30 – $50 per day

Best for: General carpet maintenance between deep cleanings.

2. Portable Steam Cleaners

Also called hot water extraction cleaners, these industrial-strength models inject heated cleaning solution deep into carpets to sanitize and lift stains. They offer a more thorough clean.

How they work:

  • Blast hot water + cleaning solution into carpet
  • Vacuum up dirty solution with powerful suction

Rental cost: Approximately $60 – $100 daily

Best for: Deep cleaning heavily soiled carpets or handling stubborn stains.

3. Truck-Mounted Steam Cleaning

These heavy-duty commercial carpet cleaners are mounted in vehicles to clean large areas. They provide the deepest clean possible.

How they work:

  • Hot water/steam from truck-powered generator
  • Strong suction hoses extract water

Rental cost: Over $100/day – often requires professional

Best for: Commercial jobs or whole-house deep cleaning.

While the standard models usually suffice for DIY cleaning, renting a steam cleaner ensures a deeper refresh for heavily soiled carpets.

Tips for Getting the Best Carpet Cleaner Rental Deal

Follow these tips to keep your rental costs low:

  • Rent for midweek days – Avoid weekends when demand is highest

  • Split costs with a friend – Share the rental to save

  • Ask about coupons – Retailers often offer carpet cleaner rental coupons

  • Book in advance – Reserve early for best availability

  • Buy cleaning solution – This avoids marked-up rental facility prices

  • Take your time – Maximize a daily rental with an early pickup

  • Return promptly – Avoid late fees by returning on time

  • Fill the tank yourself – Doing this saves on prep fees

Frequently Asked Questions about Renting Carpet Cleaners

How much is it to rent a carpet cleaner?

Average daily rental rates range from $30 to $60 for residential carpet cleaners from major retailers. Commercial grade models from rental facilities average $40 to $95 per day.

Where can I rent a carpet cleaner?

Many major retailers like Home Depot, Walmart, and Kroger rent standard carpet cleaners. For commercial models, search for tool and equipment rental companies in your area.

What’s the cheapest way to rent a carpet cleaner?

Opting for a half-day rental from a big box store like Walmart or Lowe’s offers the lowest rates, starting around $25. Their machines suffice for most standard carpet cleaning jobs.

Is it cheaper to rent or buy a carpet cleaner?

Renting a carpet cleaner is cheaper in the short term. Expect to pay $30 to $60 per rental versus $90 to $600 to buy a home carpet cleaning machine. But purchasing starts to pay off if you’ll use it frequently.

How long does carpet stay wet after cleaning?

With proper air circulation, carpets dry within 4 to 8 hours after cleaning with a standard rented carpet shampooer. Expect 6 to 10 hours of dry time after using a steam cleaner.

What’s the best carpet cleaner to rent?

The Rug Doctor Mighty Pro X3 is a top choice for its powerful deep cleaning and large tank capacity. Steam cleaners also offer excellent cleaning versus basic carpet shampoo rentals.

Renting a carpet cleaner allows you to tackle cleaning your carpets yourself without an expensive purchase. Now that you know what to expect for rental costs, you can confidently plan your next DIY carpet cleaning project. Reach out to Eagle’s Eye Carpet Cleaning if you have any other carpet care or flooring questions!

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