Carpet Cleaning

Eagles Eye Carpet Cleaning founders have developed a 100% green (chemical-free) method that does not use any harsh or toxic chemicals to clean your carpet, Leaves your carpet fresh and soft with no residue left behind. Our professional staff always goes the natural way to clean your home! Our steam cleaning process gets your carpet dry faster and removes stains and soils. We ensure we will clean your carpet the natural way for you, your family and family pet(s) to enjoy. Contact us in Orlando and surrounding areas to request a carpet cleaning service for your home or business. 


Tile And Grout Cleaning And Sealing


Tired of cleaning your Tile & Grout by hand? Tired of cleaning your Tile and Grout with a toothbrush on the ground like the old days? 

Call Eagles Eye Carpet Cleaning! We use up to date equipment to bring the original shine back to your tile and grout. The deep powerful grout cleaning process extracts dirt and grime from surfaces leaving your floors looking clean and great.

Unlike pressure washing which nearly moves dirt, algae etc. around and can damage tile and grout. Our system uses moderate pressure with water heated, and a vacuum system. The vacuum sucks the dirt, mold, algae out of the surface and grout while solutions kill bacteria and allergens.

Our tile and grout cleaning process is eco-friendly and  makes your home or business look like new again.




Why Is It Important To Treat Pet Odor/Spots professionally?

When it comes to cleaning pet odor removal out of your carpet you need to make sure the cleaning is as deep as possible. At times it takes more than just a surface cleaning to repair the damage. This means cleaning not only the carpet, but the backing and the pad.

Eagles Eye Carpet Cleaning has a special treatment system that will extract urine and odor causing bacterial growth out of your carpets. Used with our state of the art Water Claw System! That sucks on to your carpets in pet issue areas, and draws up urine and other bodily fluids from the padding, to the carpets top, to into our machine. Leaving your carpets fresh again!

It also is important to treat the affected area as the accident happens or as soon as possible. Once the urine dries, it is more difficult to remove with more likeliness of permanent  damage to your carpets, area rugs and/or upholstery.


Upholstery Cleaning


Our upholstery cleaning service will make your furniture, and the room that it occupies, look brand new again. Removing stains, soiling, dust mites, and allergens is a great way to refresh your living space. And, as with all of our cleaning services, it's completely safe for kids and pets.

Don't buy a new sofa or couch when we can clean your furniture for a fraction of the cost. Our upholstery cleaning is fast, quick, and extremely effective--that's why we have so many satisfied customers in the Orlando area and Surrounding areas.

Our upholstery cleaning service includes the following:

We use only the safest furniture cleaning techniques, using organic-based cleansers.

Our staff offers only the most personalized level of care.

We offer Same day Service and will gladly schedule an appointment anytime to fit your needs.

All cleansers are safe for the environment, pets, and family members of all ages.

We will have your upholstery cleaned in no time, using our speedy drying process.

We remove the harmful allergens that are deeply embedded in your couch or sofa.


Area Rug Cleaning

 Protect your investment with area rug cleaning. Area rugs complete a room's look by adding warmth, color and texture to a space. Depending on a room's layout and furniture placement, your rugs can be exposed to heavy foot traffic. Keep your area rugs looking beautiful by calling Eagles Eye Carpet Cleaning to schedule them for regularly cleaning. 

Call Now For Beautiful Floors!  Also Ask How College Students Can Save On All Of Our Services! 


At Eagles Eye Carpet Cleaning, our staff offers only the most personalized and pleasant level of assistance.

We will happily assist you in scheduling an appointment anytime to fit your needs.

With Eagle's Eye Carpet Cleaning, you can be sure that your carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning and/or tile and grout cleaning will not only be the best you have ever had, but that services will be performed in line and accustomed with the Carpet Cleaning Orlando FL industry’s levels of quality

Solutions used at Eagles Eye Carpet Cleaning are safe for the environment, pets, and family members of all ages.

Everyone loves a freshly cleaned carpet…no matter the style, size or texture of your carpet, our Carpet Cleaning Altamonte Springs FL will take care of your cleaning needs.

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Carpet Cleaning That’s Safe For All


    Carpets are treated with non-toxic hypoallergenic cleaners and/or plant base cleaners that will leave your home smelling great and your floors looking brand new! 

We check to see if there are areas on the carpets, area rug, or upholstery that are more soiled than other areas. If yes, we pre-treat the area specially. You can be assured that at Eagles Eye Carpet Cleaning Orlando FL, we do everything in our power to fix your carpets issues.

If the rug, carpet or upholstery smells and and has pet odor, we neutralize the odor with our state of the art enzymes. This will eliminate the odor!

No one wants to wait all day while their carpets dry. We make sure to leave your home with your carpets as dry as possible for your situation. Ensuring a speedier dry time!

Carpet Cleaning Orlando FL, Carpet Cleaning Altamonte Springs FL, Carpet Cleaning Maitland FL, Carpet Cleaning Longwood FL, Carpet Cleaning Sanford FL, Carpet Cleaning Winter Park FL, Carpet Cleaning Oviedo, FL

Give us a call! We give Free Estimates by Phone. You have nothing to lose but a great service to gain!



When you’re tired of carpet that’s less than brilliantly clean, we can save you here at Eagles Eye Carpet Cleaning ,Immaculate carpet and excellent customer service are our company’s top priorities. When you call us to clean your carpets or upholstery cleaning Orlando you can always expect thorough and meticulous attention to detail.

Although carpet cleaning Orlando is a major part of our business, we also have various other offerings on the menu. These other services include area rug cleaning, pet odor removal, upholstery cleaning, tile and grout cleaning and Carpet Repair Whether you yearn for sparkling tile floors or for perfectly soft and smooth carpet, we’ve got you covered here at Eagles Eye Carpet Cleaning