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Eagle’s Eye founders have been providing services for over six years, offering friendly, outstanding cleaning services to the Orlando and surrounding areas. We offer chemical-free, all natural carpet and upholstery cleaning, tile and grout cleaning, leather cleaning, small carpet repairs and more.

Is your carpet less than brilliantly clean? Many things can affect the look, feel and smell of your indoor carpeting. Time and traffic dredge in dirt from outdoors. Grease, grime and allergens become embedded in the layers of your carpet over time. Pets shed hair continuously, and even vacuuming may not remove all the hair that can get tangled into the fibers of carpeting. Children are notorious for dripping, dropping, gooping and glopping. With all of the many challenges mounted against your home and standards of cleanliness, rely on our expert, professional help to bring your carpets back to their best condition. ning, leather cleaning, small carpet repairs and more.

Standard retail-available carpet cleaning machines and solutions are not capable of cleaning carpets at the deepest layers. In addition, home owners can make critical mistakes that can permanently damage carpeting, from bleaching, to pulling up fibers or creating runs. While some of these problems can be fixed, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. It’s best to avoid causing any permanent damage and turn to experts who will treat your carpet professionally and ensure your home looks, feels and smells fantastic. ning, leather cleaning, small carpet repairs and more.

When you’re tired of carpet that’s less than brilliantly clean, we can save you at Eagle’s Eye Carpet Cleaning, Immaculate carpet and excellent customer service are our company’s top priorities. When you call us to clean your carpets or upholstery, you can always expect thorough and meticulous attention to detail. Although carpet cleaning throughout Orlando is a major part of our business, we also have various other offerings on the menu. These other services include area rug cleaning, pet odor removal, upholstery cleaning, tile and grout cleaning and carpet repair. Whether you yearn for sparkling tile floors, or for perfectly soft and smooth carpet, we’ve got you covered here at Eagle’s Eye Carpet Cleaning!

Same Day Services

Sometimes, you may need same day cleaning services in your home. Emergencies happen! A glass of red wine is spilled onto a white carpet or couch cushion. A cup of coffee or tea tips over and makes a splash in the exact wrong spot, threatening to create a permanent stain on your carpeting or furniture. A toilet overflows and causes a big splash beyond just the bathroom.

Sometimes the emergency is news that company is coming into town! If you suddenly find yourself hosting a party in the near future and in need of quick services so you can present your home in the best light, we are here help you.

At Eagle’s Eye Carpet Cleaning, we understand that emergencies happen, and sometimes same day services are needed. While we may charge a small fee for immediate needs, we will work to get you services the same day whenever possible! Our rates area already competitive, and our service is outstanding. We will work to ensure you receive the services you need in timeframe you request.


Looking For Solutions? Check Ours Out.

* Carpet

Eagle’s Eye Carpet Cleaning founders have developed a 100% green (chemical-free) method that does not use any harsh or toxic chemicals to clean your carpet, and leaves your carpet fresh and soft with no residue…

* Pet Stains & Odors

What is more disheartening than a nice, clean carpet that has suddenly been soiled by your favorite pet? Or a house that has that not-so-subtle aroma of wet dog that you just can’t seem to get rid of?

* Tile & Grout

Tile and grout have great advantages – they are hardy forms of flooring that hold up against all kinds of traffic and abuse and can be cleaned time and time again. But what happens when tile begins to…

* Upholstery

Furniture is some of the most high-traffic, heavily used (and sometimes abused) portions of a house. People use furniture to sit, rest, eat, watch TV, play games, visit with friends, kick up their feet, take a…

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