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Cleaning Process

  • Inspect the Area
  • Indentify the Issues
  • Pre-Treat the Area
  • Steam Clean the Area
  • Speed Dry the Area
  • Seal the Grout Lines
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Green All Natural Orlando Tile & Grout Cleaning

There is nothing better than coming home to amazingly clean floors. However, getting your floors to that point can be hard work. If you aren’t using the right tools, it is a monotonous, messy, and down-right uncomfortable task. Besides, cleaning tile floors by hand simply doesn’t provide the same results as professional tile and grout cleaning.

Tile and grout have great advantages, they are hardy forms of flooring that hold up against all kinds of traffic and abuse and can be cleaned time and time again. But what happens when your floor begins to look old and faded due to residue buildup from cleaning products or when mildew that takes over?

Areas of discoloration can add years to the look of your floors and detract from the beauty and perceived value of your home. Nothing can freshen a shower, bathroom or kitchen like a freshly, professionally cleaned floor. No amount of regular mopping can make dirty old worn out tile look clean.

It is a matter of using the right tools. Regular mops and other “As seen on TV” wonder tools simply do not reach the hidden dirt that lies deep within the pores of your grout lines. The reason you get a discoloration, is grout is porous. In fact, grout is so porous it acts as a collector of dirt and spills.

Cleaning floors the old-fashioned way, on hands and knees with a toothbrush or a mop and a bucket, can take excessive time and still not achieve what you want – clean, sparkling tile and grout. Call Eagle’s Eye Carpet Cleaning! Even stone cleaning or cleaning natural stone flooring is a breeze for us. We use updated equipment to bring the original shine back to your floors. The deep powerful grout cleaning process extracts dirt and grime from surfaces, leaving your floors sparkling clean. We even clean stone tile and grout effectively and safely.

Pressure washing simply moves dirt, bacteria, mold or algae around and can in fact damage your floors. Our system uses moderate pressure with heated water and a high-powered vacuum system. The vacuum removes the dirt, mold, and algae out of the surface and pores while our green cleaning solutions kill bacteria and allergens. Our tile and grout cleaning process is eco-friendly and makes your home or business look new again.

Clean Natural Stone

Treat Your Stone with a Deep Cleaning and Long-Lasting Protection. Natural stone can absorb spills just like other floor types. In some cases it can even absorb more. We use a gentle process to preserve stone floors, that way they look better and last longer.

Protect Your Investment!

Professional Tile and Grout Cleaning Services

Your home is one of the largest investments you have. The people that live there have an even greater value. That is why professional tile and grout cleaning is so important. It protects and preserves your investment in the home and it also helps maintain the healthy environment of your home. Most people believe, the environment inside their home is the safest and cleanest environment to be in. However, the EPA has found that it can be two to five times more polluted than the air outside.

Your home is supposed to be your sanctuary. A safe-haven where you are free from elements that are unhealthy like: allergens, germs and pollutants. However, chronic illnesses like allergies and asthma can be linked to a build-up of bacteria, dust and pet dander on flooring and other surfaces.

Many homeowners are concerned that having their floors professionally cleaned, introduces harmful chemicals into their home. With Eagle’s Eye Carpet Cleaning that is never an issue. We use an eco-friendly and family-friendly cleaning solution and process. We work with only the best products and tools, so you can know that your family is being well taken care of.

While our solutions are family-friendly they are NOT dirt-friendly. Our tile and grout cleaning solution penetrates deep inside porous surfaces to remove dirt and grime. It also wipes out harmful bacteria that spreads germs. While the solution is doing its job, we aid the process with specialized tools that help blast away the dirt and grime and remove it with deep-cleaning extraction. We are able to restore your floors original appearance and make your home cleaner and healthier for your family and pets.

Commercial Tile and Grout Cleaning

Regardless of the type of tile, size of the room or number of grout lines - we can get the commercial tile and grout in your business back to clean.

Tile or natural stone floors are a major investment for any business in the Orlando area, whatever its size, as it provides a warm and welcoming environment for customers and necessary comfort for your employees and it is one of the first things your customers notice. As with any investment that a business owner can make, it is of the utmost importance to take good care of your tile. Properly cared for and maintained tile and natural stone floors enhance the appearance of your facility, is an important contribution to a professional image, and it extends the life of your tile and natural stone. This is why it is of the utmost importance to plan to have regularly scheduled commercial tile cleaning for your business.

Our tile and grout cleaning process is simple and effective. That is why we use the same process for commercial cleaning as we do for residential service. The process starts with our technician inspecting your tile floor to make sure we use the most effective cleaning method. Then, we will use our eco-friendly pre-treatment solution, tile scrubbers, and a specialized machine that pumps hot water into your tile and grout crevasses, while extracting dirt and allergens along with the hot water.

We also provide you with an option to add color seal to your grout or to keep your grout color and simply make it cleaner. The color seal and the clear seal both act as a protective layer and helps keep dirt out of your grout lines.

Remember, in the Greater Orlando area Eagle's Eye Carpet Cleaning is the premier professional tile and grout cleaning service because we strive for 100% customer satisfaction. We take great pride in the work we do. Whatever you need, whether it is tile cleaning, grout cleaning, upholstery cleaning service, carpet cleaning service, rug cleaning or oriental rug cleaning we will be there.

If you are a new customer or a return customer we offer competitive pricing to all Central Florida Residents. If its dirty tile and grout, no matter the square feet, dirty carpet or rugs we will get it clean with amazing results and charge you a fair price. Our online reviews say it all! We are the premier tile and grout cleaning service in greater Orlando.

Looking for professional tile and grout cleaning or new tile care in greater Orlando? Look no further than Eagle's Eye Carpet Cleaning. You can find us on Facebook, Yelp!, and Angie's List.

Tile and Grout Cleaning

Clean Tile and grout
  1. Inspection - When our tile & grout cleaning technician arrives we begin by doing an inspection of the areas that will be cleaned. This allows us to assess tile and grout conditions and determine the most efficient plan for cleaning the grout and tile.
  2. Identification - The next step is identification. Our technician will identify any damages to grout or tiles, as well as areas of deep stains.
  3. Pretreat with Cleaners - This is the stage where the magic truly begins, we start by pretreating the tiles and grout. We apply a premium, non-toxic and eco-friendly cleaner that penetrates deep below the surface of the tile to the porous crevasses of the grout.
  4. Scrubbing - Our experts then scrub the entire area with a high-quality, counter-rotating tile brush, that agitates the cleaning solution while scrubbing the tile and grout.
  5. Steam Treatment - The next step in the process is a high-pressure, steam cleaning vacuum system. This system deep cleans with 210 degree steam and a high-pressure water recovery surface cleaner.
  6. Speed Dry - The final tile & grout cleaning step is to bring in air movers to speed the drying process. This leaves your tile & grout clean, shiny, and ready to be used again quickly.
  7. Seal the Grout Lines - We recommend the tile be sealed once it has been cleaned. Our trained experts will apply a premium clear solvent on the grout lines. This sealant will help repels stains, liquids and grime. This keeps your bathroom and kitchens looking bright, clean, and fresh.

How to Care for Travertine Tile

What is Travertine Tile?

Travertine tile is a natural stone tile that has reasonable costs and is one of the preferred tiles for many homeowners. Architects also are attracted to travertine because of its wide range of uses in a home, often times more than other some other natural stone solutions. It’s also considered one of the higher scale types of natural stones used for tile, because of its extremely soft texture and natural, soft tones.

Travertine is actually a form of limestone. It’s been used throughout history and is a classic natural stone used in architecture for centuries. It is highly desired by most builders and homeowners alike.

Travertine has a very earthy look and feel because it’s a natural stone. It has neutral color pallets, that mix very well into most of today’s interior design trends. Travertine is a veined stone similar to marble.

Travertine tiles can be used in a variety of places. From floor tiles throughout your home to even outdoors in your garden area or pool side. Travertine tiles are suitable anywhere that gets wet or damp in and around your home.

spilled coffee

Travertine Tile Durability

Because of travertine’s ability to resist scratching it is considered to be extremely durable. That’s why it’s a favorite stone flooring solution for homeowners with pets and children. It is a set it and forget it type of tile that usually requires very little maintenance.

Many people have a misconception about travertine that because it is porous and softer than some other natural stone solutions it is more vulnerable to stains and damage.

This is why sealing your travertine is critical. Sealing your travertine tiles helps them last as long as possible and can even help change the look of your stone, making flatter or glossier if desired.

Cleaning Travertine Tile

No matter which type of sealing you ended up choosing for your travertine tile, it will not stop all staining if the tiles are poorly maintained. Because of travertine’s porous nature, it’s recommended that you clean up any and all spills as quickly as possible. The normal culprits that stains most items in your home will stain your tiles too if left to sit too long.

Consistently maintaining your tiles is the best way to increase their longevity. They are easily maintained by mopping, both wet and dry, on a frequent basis. As with mopping any floor remember to change the water frequently to get the best possible results.

Professional Travertine Tile Cleaning

If you’re having trouble removing a stain or maybe even have simply neglected your floors, then it’s probably time to call a professional. Here at Eagle’s Eye Carpet Cleaning, we know exactly how to deal with the issues you may be having with your travertine tile floors. We have seen almost every stain, spot, and generally neglect imaginable. We can help return your floors to give them that pristine look they had when they were first installed. Feel free to call us at 407-479-8993 or click here to schedule an appointment today. We’ll be happy to help explain the entire process and get your floors back to their prime.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you steam clean grout?
Questions about steam cleaning tile and grout are common. We do not use standard steam cleaner for this job. The grout cleaning process is typically called hot water extraction. Many people think it is the same, simply because as we work you see steam.

Can I clean grout naturally at home?
When cleaning grout yourself, you want to avoid using cholrine bleach and other harsh chemical cleaners. This is important because they might break down sealants, that are protecting your tile. If you are going to DIY it, the best way to clean grout is using a natural grout cleaner.

pet stains and odor
A common mix that is recommended includes:
  • 1/2 cup of baking soda
  • 1/4 cup of hydrogen peroxide
  • 1 tsp dish soap

Here are the cleaning steps:
  1. Mix together the baking soda, hydrogen peroxide and dish soap
  2. Spoon mixture onto grout
  3. Wait 10 minutes
  4. Scrub
  5. Rinse

How do you clean my tile and grout?
We use non-toxic, eco-friendly cleaning solutions to pre-treat your floors. After this we use specialized brushes and pressurized steam-inducing water extraction tools, to thoroughly clean dirt, grime, bacteria, germs, and other things from deep within the porous crevasses of the tile & grout.

How long does it take to clean my tile floors?
An average size room (~300 square feet), can take approximately 30–60 minutes to clean both the tile & the grout. The time can vary widely based on a few factors like: tile size, severity of dirt and stains in grout lines, as well as, room configuration.

Sealing your floors adds time. If you choose to have sealant added, the time it takes to complete the job increases to 2–3 hours for the entire process.

Should I have my tile floor cleaned regularly?
The simple answer is… Yes. However there are many factors that must be considered when determining the frequency. The amount of foot traffic, children, pets, and how often your floors receive regular maintenance, affect how often you need to have a professional tile and grout cleaning.

Why should I have my floors cleaned?
? Dirt and grime build up on your tile and grout over time. This makes your them look dull and in some cases, discolored. A professional tile and grout cleaning is the only way to get the deepest clean possible and return luster to your once dull dirty floors.

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Orlando Tile and Grout Cleaning Services

If you are looking for a carpet cleaning service that does a whole lot more than just clean carpet look no further than Eagle’s Eye Carpet Cleaning. We are a carpet cleaning company that does so much more. Our team has a combined 65 years of experience among them performing services like upholstery cleaning, area rug cleaning, new carpet care, tile and grout cleaning, and of course carpet cleaning. Our experience also means we know how to remove stains and mitigate the damage and odor caused by pet accidents.

In the Orlando area Eagle’s Eye Carpet Cleaning Offers excellent service at a fair price. We take great pride in the amazing results we get with our professional carpet cleaning service and tile and grout service. Our competitive pricing means that residents of central Florida can get professionally clean tile and grout at a fair price from a company that has great online reviews.

Are you frustrated with dirty, grimy looking tile and grout that won’t come clean, no matter how much you mop and scrub? Kitchen floors that are caked with grease? Tile surfaces that will not come clean no matter how much chlorine bleach you use? Porcelain countertops that no business owner would want to claim? Our professional cleaning and sanitizing process use a controlled, high-pressure, steam cleaning vacuum system. This system deep cleans with 210-degree steam and a high-pressure water recovery surface cleaner to get even the dingiest, dirtiest, grimiest-looking floors to look like they are brand new again and the best thing about it is it leaves behind no mess, residue or odor and it will get those tile surfaces spotless. We willget your grout lines back to the appropriate grout color.

No matter what kind of floor surface you may have; porcelain tile, travertine or marble the tile experts at Eagle’s Eye Carpet Cleaning, know how to handle them. We start by applying the appropriate cleaning solution for your floors. Then, after allowing the solution to remain on the surface, giving it the time, it needs to completely disinfect the area we agitate it high-quality, counter-rotating brush to break down the soil, grit, and grime on your flooring and deep within the porous surface of your grout. Then, we clean and rinse the grout lines and tile, not with a messy bucket and mop, but instead using a steam and high-pressure rinse surface cleaner and high-powered vacuum. Next, we seal the tile and grout to protect the tile surfaces and form a protective barrier to help maintain the tiles original color and the color of your grout. Since grout and some types of tile are made of a porous material this helps to keep contaminants out.

Whether you are a first-time customer or a repeat customer of Eagle's Eye Carpet Cleaning we guarantee that we will do a great job cleaning your floors no matter if they are covered in carpet or some kind of tile and grout.

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