Pet Odor & Spot Removal

Pet Odor/Spots


Why Is It Important To Treat Pet Odor/Spots professionally?

When it comes to cleaning pet odor removal out of your carpet you need to make sure the cleaning is as deep as possible. At times it takes more than just a surface cleaning to repair the damage. This means cleaning not only the carpet, but the backing and the pad.

Eagles Eye Carpet Cleaning has a special treatment system that will extract urine and odor causing bacterial growth out of your carpets. Used with our state of the art Water Claw System! That sucks on to your carpets in pet issue areas, and draws up urine and other bodily fluids from the padding, to the carpets top, to into our machine. Leaving your carpets fresh again!

It also is important to treat the affected area as the accident happens or as soon as possible. Once the urine dries, it is more difficult to remove with more likeliness of permanent  damage to your carpets, area rugs and/or upholstery.

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