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The Importance of Disinfecting and Sanitizing the Workplace

The Importance of Disinfecting and Sanitizing the Workplace

cleaning desks in an office area

COVID-19 has really made many Americans stop and think about cleanliness more. Prior to February 2020 though, most people didn’t often stop to think about the cleanliness of their work environment unless it had become painfully obvious that their office or commercial building needed to be cleaned.

But did you know that the average workplace desk can be 100 times less hygienic than the average kitchen counter? When you think about this statistic, it’s not surprising how often you or your co-workers get ill. According to the CDC (Centers for Disease Control), absenteeism costs U.S. employers over $225.8 billion annually, or $1,685 per employee.

While illness is not the only reason for absenteeism, it is the number one reason for it. An unclean workplace increases the spread of illness, which increases the cases of employees calling out, costing your business money. If you aren’t taking office hygiene seriously or you aren’t spending the time to ensure high standards of cleanliness at work, expect more and more employees to take sick days.

Germs and Bacteria Are Everywhere

Although we can’t see germs, bacteria, and even viruses, they are located on every surface we come in contact with. In our workplace, there are germs on our desks, in our break rooms, in the office bathrooms, the doorknobs, the countertops, the copiers, our computer keyboards, and the list can go on.

With cold and flu season on its way, and now with COVID-19 an issue around the globe, practicing good hygiene and having clean offices and businesses are very important for our health and well-being. It’s not only important to the individual, but to every person that individual comes into contact with. Plus with the number of germs that can be located on any given item or in any place, it’s a wonder there isn’t more disease spread in our homes, office buildings, neighborhoods, and communities.

We often take these germs and illnesses home to our families and to our friends. While it’s not possible to have a 100% germ-free environment, having a thoroughly cleaned and disinfected workplace is vital to ensure the spread of illness is kept to an absolute minimum.

Germs Will Thrive and Spread

Germs are spread by coughing, sneezing, shaking hands, and even by breathing. The germs and bacteria left behind in the air by our co-workers can thrive if not properly dealt with. An unhygienic workplace packed with bacteria means that everybody in the office is a potential carrier of a disease.

They can transfer it to anyone they meet outside of the office, and if you are dealing with a highly contagious disease, it can even start a mini-epidemic. With the concern of viruses spreading, managers and business owners should invest in a professional cleaning service to have their offices deep cleaned and sanitized.

Steps for a Cleaner Work Environment

There are a few best practices that any office or workplace can put into action to ensure you have much cleaner work surroundings. Using anti-bacterial wipes on your keyboard and desk is one step that can be taken to help combat bacteria. Also, providing suitable eating areas so that meals aren’t eaten at desks is another measure that can be taken. Food left behind on a desk will grow bacteria and even invite illness carrying pests.

A clean desk policy on the job site is a great way to make sure all desks remain clean and clutter-free. The more clutter on the desk, the harder it is to keep it sanitized.

Wiping down the upholstery and tables in meeting rooms and common areas is also a great way to keep the office clean. It may even be worth the effort to remind everyone to wash their hands often since it seems people tend to forget or they simply are not in the habit of doing so.

Aside from having cleaning and hygiene suggestions for everyone to follow, hiring janitorial services or an office cleaning service is the best way to make sure your employees enjoy a healthy environment. But just as important as hiring a cleaning service for healthier employees, it’s best to hire a company that uses non-toxic and botanical based cleaners, which are healthier for people than the chemical cleaners that some companies use.

Same Day Services

disinfecting a rail in an office

Sometimes, you may need same day Orlando carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning or stain removal services in your home to keep your carpets or furnityre looking amazing. Emergencies happen!

A glass of red wine is spilled onto a white carpet or couch cushion. A cup of coffee or tea tips over and makes a splash in the exact wrong spot, threatening to create a permanent stain on your carpeting or furniture. A toilet overflows and causes a big splash beyond just the bathroom. We will get those carpet fibers so clean it will be like the spill never happened.

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Sometimes the emergency is news that company is coming into town! If you suddenly find yourself hosting a party in the very near future and are in need of quick services so you can present your home in the best light, we are here help you.

We are an Orlando carpet cleaning company, who understands that emergencies happen, and sometimes same day services are needed. While we may charge a small fee for immediate needs, we will work to get you services the same day whenever possible!

Our rates area already competitive, and our service is outstanding. We will work to ensure you receive the services you need in time frame you request.

Why Use Natural Cleaning Products

cleaning desks in an office area

Natural cleaning products are sometimes thought of as just a fad, but the truth is, they are increasing in popularity because of their non-toxic ingredients. Some of the natural cleaners that are popular today were used roughly 100 years ago. Some of those natural ingredients were pushed aside when it was believed they weren’t effective due to the rise in flu epidemics.

In fact, the natural cleaners were effective but were not used routinely to make sure germs were killed. The old natural cleaners were exchanged for ones containing harsh chemicals, which lead to poor indoor air quality. The results of the poor air quality has proven to lead to higher incidences of asthma, autism, leukemia, headaches from the toxic smells, and other health conditions.

With all-natural cleaners, you won’t have to worry about exposure to toxins. That means your employees can breathe easier and not have to worry about indoor air pollution or what chemical cleaners leave behind. In addition to better air quality, choosing natural products are simply safer all around.

Natural or “green” cleaning solutions are also eco-friendly. Green cleaning products are non-toxic to the earth and are also bio-degradable. For example, a green service will use environmentally safe trash bags and often supply recycled paper towels for your break room and restrooms.

Choosing a natural company can also save you money. Many of the natural cleaning solutions are made to use on all surfaces. One product is likely made to clean all hard and soft surfaces as well as carpet.

Using a multitude of products only increases the amount of money spent on office cleaning. Of course, this can also make cleaning easier and faster. In the case of using a vinegar based cleaner, which is a great disinfectant, it can remove mold and mildew, clean windows, toilet bowls, and more.

Choosing a Natural Commercial Cleaning Service

Green cleaning is kinder to the environment and much easier on the people who breathe the air and touch the surfaces in the work place. Since environment-friendly cleaning and sanitizing services have become more and more popular, finding a natural cleaning company isn’t hard to do. But since there are so many to choose from, it may be difficult to narrow down the competition to the right choice for you.

As the head of an office, factory, or healthcare facility, you want to find the professional service that is the best cleaning service for the office or commercial building. When looking for dependable green cleaning services, take into consideration the products and the methods used for office cleaning. Choosing a service that is capable of cleaning, sanitizing, disinfecting, and deodorizing in one step is an important factor to consider. Look for any or all of these features:

  • A cleaner with bactericidal and virucidal claims
  • A broad-spectrum disinfectant registered with the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency)
  • Cleans, disinfects, and deodorizes any surface (kitchens, cabinets, light switches, meeting rooms, etc.)
  • Eliminates malodors and has a pleasant scent
  • Controls odors
  • Is non-abrasive and ideal for everyday use
  • Contains no chlorine, phosphates, or harsh chemicals
  • Does not require the use of personal protective equipment (PPE)
  • Kills Norovirus in a few minutes
  • Kills 99.9% of Bacteria, Viruses*, Fungi & Molds
  • Disinfect, Sanitize, Clean, and Deodorize in one step
  • Kills, destroys, and eliminates germs
  • No rinse required, even on surfaces where food is prepared
  • Sanitizing services for all types of business
  • Sanitizes surfaces in just minutes
  • Eliminates 99.9% of allergens upon contact
  • Kills odor causing bacteria
  • Kills bacteria that can cause food poisoning
  • One-step hospital disinfectant cleaner
  • Non-flammable
  • No bleaching or bleach-based solution needed
  • Ready-to-use formula for efficiency
  • Provides references with an emphasis on great job and customer service
  • Provides a free estimate

A Safer and Cleaner Workplace

After a professional service has been hired to routinely clean where you work, in between the cleanings, there are steps everyone can take to make sure germs and bacteria do not spread. These efforts include ensuring restrooms are equipped with plenty of soap, paper towels, and hand sanitizer. Wipes and masks in the workspace will help provide safeguards against coronavirus, colds, and the flu.

Keeping It Clean

Maintaining cleanliness in the workplace not only creates a healthier environment for employees, but also tends to help companies become more efficient and productive by cutting down on absenteeism. Cluttered desks, leftover food, and waste paper are just some of the most common items that contribute towards a messy workspace.

Keeping desks clean, following your office’s protocol for cleanliness, along with professional cleaning services provided at regular intervals will help to prevent the outbreak and spread of any illnesses. Professional cleaning services will give you certainty that your work surroundings have been deep cleaned. By implementing proper work hygiene, you will be able to stop harmful viruses and bacteria from spreading all over the office, ensure a safe and healthy work environment, and reduce health risks for everyone.

Always Residue Free

Other Orlando carpet cleaners can sometimes leave a residue or film behind that makes your carpet smell or gives it a sticky or slightly tacky feel. When we clean your carpets, we leave behind no sticky residue, no tacky feeling on your feet when you walk across the floor. Your carpets are always going to be truly clean -- they will smell clean, they will look clean, and they will feel clean.

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