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Benefits of Commercial Carpet and Tile Cleaning

The benefits of having your office, showroom or commercial space professionally cleaned are numerous. Appearance, cleanliness, and indoor air quality are a few of the advantages. Office and commercial maintenance matters to your customers, it matters to your employees and it should matter to you.

When it comes to how your business is viewed, an improved appearance can help you to gain and retain customers. First impressions matter, so having dirty carpets or poor smelling carpets can drive people away. No one really wants to spend time in an office or business that doesn’t seem to be at its best. If a customer feels welcomed and comfortable in the environment you’ve created, they are more likely to spend time and money, which will eventually lead to them becoming repeat customers. Not only does having clean carpets mean you keep customers, but it provides a better environment for your employees. When an employee feels good about the environment in which he or she works, they’ll be motivated to perform better. Boosting employee productivity is always a win for the business owner.

Having clean carpets will also lend a hand to a healthier environment. When you deep clean your carpets, dust, dander and allergens are removed. These three things can irritate your nose and eyes, which could possibly lead to respiratory infections. Germs and bacteria can even get trapped in the carpet fibers, leading to colds or other viruses. The elimination of these allergens and germs means healthier, cleaner air for customers and employees. Simply put, cleaning the carpet regularly leads to better air quality.

There is also a financial benefit to cleaning your carpets on a regular basis. Having to replace carpet can be costly and that’s money that can be spent elsewhere in your company. Regularly maintaining your carpet can extend the life of your carpet for up to ten years. Even though professionally and thoroughly cleaning your carpets often will cost you money, it can actually save you money in the long run. By removing dirt and debris that can sometimes be abrasive, you can save your carpets from wearing down. Debris left in your carpet can lead to breakage of fibers or tearing. Your carpet will look better and last longer with professional cleanings.

Clean Your Commercial Carpets Naturally

Your commercial carpets take a beating daily. Traffic, coffee, tea, juice, ink, toner, you name it. Somehow through this mess you need still need to keep it looking nice and welcoming to both customers and employees.

We take the hassle out of caring for your commercial carpets. Let us show you our natural, healthy way to care for your carpets.

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Carpet Cleaning for Business

Service Industry Carpet Cleaning

When you think about the service industry, gyms, restaurants, and healthcare facilities come to mind. It’s very important to have clean floors in these types of businesses for hygienic and comfort reasons. Having the appearance of dirty floors can lead a potential customer to believe your establishment is not clean.

It might be needed to state again that having clean floors is simply attractive to your patrons. It gives the impression that you care about your services and, in turn, care about the consumer. However, floors like those found in a gym can harbor bacteria from all the people who workout. People spend time at the gym to get healthy, so having a dirty facility may have the opposite effect if the carpet is soiled and full of germs. While cleaning the equipment is vital, having bacteria and odors trapped in the carpet is counterproductive. Gym carpets, in particular, will benefit from a deep cleaning. A germ-free gym is appealing, not to mention, sanitary for your clients.

Clean Waiting Room Floors

Restaurant carpet and rugs are especially prone to stains and trapped odors due to how busy and messy a restaurant can be. Food gets spilled and smells from cooking need to be addressed quickly or they can sink into the fibers. If spilled food and liquids aren’t taken care of quickly and professionally, bacteria and mold can begin to grow in the rugs. Not only does this look and sometimes smell unappealing, this can also lead to unhygienic conditions and worsening odors. Removing these liquid spills and food particles will keep the dining area fresh and clean for your customers and ensure the longevity of your flooring.

Probably the most important service that will benefit from clean carpet is any health care provider. Many physician offices and nursing facilities, for example, have carpet. In high traffic hospitals and health care facilities, it’s very important to clean carpets in the safest way possible. What is often forgotten is that carpet acts as an indoor air filter by trapping dust and allergens. In addition, the germs and bacteria carried by patients can sink into area rugs and carpets causing dirty air and unhealthy situations. Periodically, these need to be removed. Try to avoid using a service that uses harsh soaps or detergents, but instead uses a non-toxic cleaner to ensure patients are not irritated by fumes. Regular cleanings can get out the harmful germs and allergens, but they also keep the flooring attractive so patients feel they are in a sanitary and safe environment.

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Retail Carpet Cleaning

Clean Retail Tile Floor

As a retail business owner or manager, you know that your business can have high foot traffic all day, and the floors are subject to constant wear and tear. A deep cleaning of your carpet and area rugs to remove coarse dirt can help extend their life.

But mostly importantly, your customers will notice. Cleanliness will always make a good impression and instill confidence in a client. If you take care of your carpet and flooring, your customers are more likely to believe that you will take care of them.

Office Carpet Cleaning

Clean Office Carpet

Despite having many benefits, the carpet in offices and work spaces isn’t cleaned as often as it should be. Accidents do happen in companies, and things like coffee spills and food stains are inevitable. By having your office or retail space cleaned, you’ll be removing those spills and stains.

Ink and toner from copiers also get spilled on office carpet. Ink and toner need to be cleaned up from the floors to keep the environment looking good. If any of these things should happen, use a dry cloth to soak up any liquid. You can mix warm water with white vinegar or a mild dish soap to sponge the area. Then schedule a deep cleaning with Eagle’s Eye Carpet Cleaning right away.

Commercial Tile Cleaning

Clean Commercial Tile

When it comes to cleaning commercial tile and grout, we deliver. We provide high-quality on-time service, every time. We understand that your floors are crucial to your business image.

That is why we provide the finest cleaning, polishing and sealing services around. We make sure your floors shine and show your customers and employees how much you care.

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Commercial Tile and Grout Cleaning

Tile is a versatile and often attractive option for flooring in your business. It’s easier to clean than carpet and doesn’t dirty the air like unclean carpet can. However, dirt and residue can build up on your tile floors and settle into the grout. This leads to discoloration which can add years to a floor that is otherwise relatively new. Grout and tile can also attract bacteria and pathogens that can lead to you becoming sick. Grout, in particular, needs attention since it is porous and can absorb more dirt. While there are a few home remedies you can try to clean your tile and grout, these do not offer the deep cleaning that can be given by a professional tile and grout cleaning service.

Commercial tile cleaning

Clean Retail Tile Floor

You can clean your tile floors by sweeping, vacuuming, and mopping. These tried and true ways work for a quick cleaning. However, these methods only take off surface dirt and grime. Regular sweeping and mopping will never help get rid of what lies in the pores of your tile.

The same issues that exist with tile also exist with your grout. Deep down dirt and germs can get stuck in the grout, causing hygiene issues, not to mention unpleasant looking floors. No matter how much you mop, it’s hard to get grout truly clean and looking as good as it once did.

At Eagle’s Eye Carpet Cleaning, we have developed a chemical-free method to clean your tile and carpet. We do not use any harsh or toxic substances during the cleaning process. This eco-friendly process can help extend the life of your carpet or grout. We can offer traditional steam cleaning and dry cleaning for your carpet as well.

Eagle’s Eye also has a process that uses a neutral pH rinse to safely clean your floors. Neutral pH cleaners are easy to rinse off your carpet and the surface of your tile, which means there will be no buildup or residue left behind.

Clean Wood Floor

In the case of carpet, this means they will dry in a matter of hours instead of the usual one to two days. Plus, it leaves the fibers of your carpet softer than they were before. Neutral pH rinses are also non-irritating, making it safe for your customers and your employees. It’s the natural way to clean your carpet, tile, and grout.

Eagle’s Eye Carpet Cleaning has been providing services for over six years in the Orlando area. Our technicians are friendly, provide excellent customer service, and give great attention to detail. Our available services include chemical-free upholstery and carpet cleaning, tile and grout cleaning, leather cleaning, pet odor removal and more. For the cleaning of your residential or commercial flooring, contact Eagle’s Eye today to get a quote. We believe you will be satisfied with the quality of our flooring care.

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