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Winter Springs Carpet and Tile Cleaning

Whatever your carpet and tile cleaning needs are, in the Winter Springs area, contact Eagle's Eye Carpet Cleaning. Our professionals can handle your dirtiest carpet and stained tile.

Sudden spills and stains on your beautiful carpet require immediate attention to get them cleaned up. But if you want your carpet to last for years to come, it’s best to hire your local Winter Springs carpet cleaning experts for your carpet cleaning needs. Carpet is a sign of comfort and coziness in our homes, but they require proper care in order for them to last for many years to come.

Benefits of Having Your Floors Professionally Cleaned

Clear Out the Allergens and Bacteria From Your Carpets

Do you know that carpet is a great collector of dust, allergens and bacteria? If these foreign materials are not extracted regularly, they not only affect the quality of the carpet, but also the health of your family members, especially those suffering from respiratory issues such as asthma.

Vacuuming can help, but it is not thorough enough in removing all pollutants from the carpet. Our Winter Springs carpet cleaning technicians with their training and experience will ensure effective removal of harmful allergens and dust.

Increase the Longevity of Your Carpet

Pet Odor Removal

When we come to clean your carpet, we do not only clean the carpet thoroughly, we also take careful measures to increase their lifespan. Carpet is an expensive investment, so you want to prolong their life as long as possible. When we come to your home to clean your carpet, the cleaning will help renew and restore your carpet.

Elminate Lingering Odors in Your Carpet

There likely have been times when there was a spill on your carpet. Maybe someone dropped fish on your carpet and you had to clean it several times but the stench still remained. This is because germs trapped in the carpet for an extended time are often causes of unpleasant lingering smells. It is likely either food or pet stains. Light home equipment can only help for a while, but getting rid of very strong odors requires the skills of the carpet cleaning experts in Winter Springs.

Removing Deep Down Dirt is our Job

The seepage of dirt, spills, and stains over time into tile grout can discolor them. Hard scrubbing by hand cannot completely extract the dirt and other unwanted materials from the porous surface and grout lines.

We have the equipment and the techniques that are dependable and strong enough to remove the stains and the dirt that manual scrubbing and mopping can't do. We can even eliminate hard to remove sticky residue that can mix in with the dirt, which makes it even harder to clean. We can wipe out the residue and not leave any behind.

We Apply Protective Sealant That Keeps Dirt and Bacteria From Your Tiles

Porous grout surfaces originally have sealant applied to them. But over time, this sealant wears off and needs our careful reapplication skills. These porous grout surfaces are also very prone to the liquid spills that happen here and there. Grout sealant comes next, and it is something we can easily do. This helps keep out the bacteria and extends the longevity of your tile surfaces.

Not Sure What You Need? Learn About Your Floor Needs by Asking Us

We want to make sure that the time we spend with you, will be a learning experience for you, regarding your carpet. It is important that you have learned about your carpet and how to care for it. Each carpet has different qualities, thickness, and texture. Also, each type of carpet has a different requirement regarding how you clean it. When you hire our carpet cleaning experts in Winter Springs, we will use the best cleaning approach for the type of carpet you own. Our knowledge minimizes the risk of damages to your carpets. We can even clean your area rugs for you.

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Same Day Services

Sometimes emergencies happen! If you find yourself in need of same day Winter Park carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning or stain removal services in your home, give us a call!

Why Choose Us to Clean Your Floors?

We Have the Latest Equipment and Materials for Carpet Cleaning

You likely have your own home carpet cleaner, but it will never have the cleaning capability and features of a heavy-duty professional carpet cleaner. Our carpet cleaning experts in Winter Springs skillfully use our latest equipment and utilize the best cleaning solutions for this heavy chore. You will have peace of mind because we only use non-toxic materials, which do not harm either the carpet or your pets and family.

We Have Cost Effective Services for Tile and Carpet Cleaning

Bright Sunlit Florida Room with beautiful clean tile floors

We have the skills and equipment for cleaning, which saves you precious time and money. This machinery is not available to the general public and should only be handled by our well trained technicians. Our expert crew will then advise you on how to take care of your tile and carpet once we are gone from your home so that their lifespan could be extended indefinitely. We also have floor cleaning options available for you that fall well within your budget.

Our Services Make Your Home a Healthier Place to Live in

We know that you have the best intentions to make your home the safest place for your family, but carpet is usually many times over, more polluted than outdoor air. If you are puzzled why chronic illnesses such as asthma and allergies have become prevalent, it’s because dust, allergens, and pet dander are trapped in your carpet and stuck to the tile surfaces.

Our local carpet and tile cleaning experts in central Florida have our own solutions that clean 99 percent of all bacteria and dirt from your tiles. Our sealants for tile keep the dirt out and make your tile maintenance more manageable. After we do our job, you will not only get brighter tiles, but also a more sanitized home.

You'll Appreciate Saving Time and Money When Hiring us For Carpet Cleaning

You have better things to do during the weekend than cleaning your carpets yourself and breaking your back. This task is tedious and time consuming. Do you really want to allocate a chunk of your free time to clean your carpet yourself?

With the latest equipment, and with consistently updated training, our Winter Springs carpet cleaning crew will handle the cleaning tasks effectively. The same job would require several hours from you. You should save yourself the time and money by having professionals handle your floor cleaning needs.

Always Residue Free

Other Orlando carpet cleaners can sometimes leave a residue or film behind that makes your carpet smell or gives it a sticky or slightly tacky feel. When we clean your carpets, we leave behind no sticky residue, no tacky feeling on your feet when you walk across the floor. Your carpets are always going to be truly clean -- they will smell clean, they will look clean, and they will feel clean.

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Professional Tile Cleaning Services in Winter Springs

Professionals Like Us Should Clean Your Tiles

Carpet Reapir

You might see that your tiles have a lot of stains and dirt. Some tiles may have become discolored and lost their shine. You say to yourself that you can do it on your own during the weekend. It looks easy, but it’s not. Scrubbing your tiles yourself can also be hard on your back and on your knees. When your back and knees start to ache, you might regret not spending the money for tile cleaning by professionals like us. Plus, you have better things to do during the weekend, while tile cleaning is our job and passion. There are certain jobs that need to be handled by professionals.

Tile flooring should be durable in high foot traffic areas and add to the beauty of many spaces in the home. The trouble is that tile surfaces are very prone to bacteria, soiling and even mold after a spill if it isn’t dealt with properly. Over time, spills can cause tile surfaces to become stained, dingy, and can also become a breeding ground for disgusting allergens and bacteria. The good news is that you don’t have to take care of these issues yourself. You can call us and get dependable help from your Winter Springs, Florida area tile cleaning experts.

Scrubbing by Hand is a Waste of Time

Here we go again, talking about your delicate knees and back. You do know that tiles are very hard to sanitize by hand, and amateur manual scrubbing can't produce quality results. Grout is very porous, which means it accumulates allergens, dirt and bacteria like a sponge. Extreme manual scrubbing cannot remove the bacteria that have seeped deep into your tile and grout. The bacteria can put your family members and even your pets at risk. Your time, your knees and back, your family and pets are worth the extra cost of having us, your Winter Springs tile cleaning company, expertly clean your flooring.

How Often Should You Have Your Tiles Maintained

It is recommended that the minimum amount of cleanings should be once in a year, but if you have children or pets that go in and out of the house frequently and walk across your tile floor, you should aim for twice a year.

Hiring the professionals located at your Winter Springs carpet cleaning company would mean you wake up to fresh, like-new flooring. Clean carpet and tile offer benefits than just looking good. Contact us for details about how we can offer you our best services in both carpet cleaning and tile cleaning. We can offer you a free estimate. Let the experts do the job while you relax!

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