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Lake Mary Carpet and Tile Cleaning

Carpet and Tile Cleaning services in Lake Mary, will help to keep your carpet clean and fresh. Think your home carpet is clean? You'd probably be surprised. Carpet holds all sorts of bacteria, dirt, and allergens that may not necessarily be visible to the naked eye.

If not well maintained, your carpet could be the reason for your frequent visits to the doctor because of allergic reactions, coughs, and other respiratory problems. In some cases, you may get away with vacuuming regularly, but some dirt, bacteria, and allergens are so deep in the carpet that even vacuuming won't be enough to dislodge them from the fibers.

Our team of well-equipped carpet professionals will be available to help you deal with these unforgiving stains and bacteria, leaving your carpet clean and in good condition.

About Lake Mary, FL

Located in Seminole County, Florida, Lake Mary is your quintessential American suburban city. Lake Mary is a diverse resort and commercial city, home to the Rinehart Trail, the Lake Mary Historical Museum, Mitsubishi Hitachi Power Systems, and the Verizon Financial Centre.

It has been rated the 4th best place to live in America by Money Magazine. Home to about 14,000 residents, this is a family-oriented community with a low crime rate, great entertainment, outdoor recreation, and strong job growth. We are here to help you settle in with professional house cleaning services whenever you are in need.

What Our Professional Carpet Cleaning Services Entail

Beautiful modern kitchen with amazingly clean wood floors

Our team is especially trained to handle all types of fabrics, including machine-made and hand-woven carpet. Every carpet cleaning process starts with a full analysis of the carpet. Our technicians will take note of heavily soiled or stained areas that require a thorough clean. We use the best cleaning technique with safe solutions to remove dirt, bacteria, and stubborn stains, leaving your carpet fibers in good condition. Our carpet cleaning services cover the following:

Pet urine removal and odor control

Pet urine contains ammonia that can stink up the entire house and increase bacterial growth if left to dry. In most cases, pet urine can be removed from carpet using commercial or homemade stain removers and by following the correct procedure. It is always wise to act quickly because if the urine dries resulting in odor, the pet is likely to return to the same spot. Dried pet urine is also harder to remove. Acting while it is still wet helps avoid odors in the future.

Our pet urine removal and odor control services help take care of those unforgiving pet urine stains. We have a wide range of solvents and machines to remove deep stains and clean your carpet or area rug thoroughly leaving it fresh and as good as new.

Grease and stubborn stain removal

Grease gets on the carpet in a number of ways. You may drag it in on your shoes or spill some bacon grease while cooking or eating. If you have tried blotting it out on your own with no success, we have a range of powerful solvents and machines to tackle unforgiving grease stains.

Soil and debris removal

Soil and debris also get on your carpet in a number of ways, and if left for long, the soil weakens the fiber integrity making your carpet look older than its actual age. We have a range of exclusive methods used to loosen and extract soil from your carpet fibers thoroughly. We do a wonderful job of making your carpet look new again.

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Same Day Services

Sometimes emergencies happen! If you find yourself in need of same day Winter Park carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning or stain removal services in your home, give us a call!

How Often Should You Deep Clean Your Carpet?

Every carpet and tile cleaning situation is different. How often you should give it an intense cleaning depends on its location and the amount of foot traffic it receives. Some carpet requires cleaning twice a year, while others could just do with a cleaning once every 24 months. On top of that, there is a set of instructions from the manufacturers that should be followed to avoid losing the warranty.

Deep carpet cleaning is not an activity we rush. If executed well, the process should leave your carpet fibers free of stains and in good condition, unlike doing it yourself, which may lead to leftover stains, oversaturated fibers, or even damage to the fibers.

The Importance of Deep Carpet Cleaning

pet stains and odor

Essentially, carpet is used to make a room more comfortable, but a room won’t feel or smell comfortable if the carpet gets dirty and smelly. Not only is the carpet going to look tired but the room won't be inviting anymore.

Carpet cleaning is very important. Removing stubborn stains, soil, and bacteria doesn't only leave the carpet looking fresh but prolongs its life too. The best way to return your dirty, tired-looking carpet to its former glory is to give it a deep clean. In fact, most manufacturers condition their warranties on it by stating that a failure to clean voids the warranty.

Deep carpet cleaning also helps prevent illnesses. It is well-known that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. As mentioned before, the deep recesses of carpet fibers contain all sorts of dirt, bacteria, and allergens. With ten percent of adults and thirty percent of children in the industrialized world now affected by asthma, it is important that you deep clean your carpet to minimize asthmatic attacks.

Tile and Grout Cleaning

Grout cleaning is a must. If not attended to, it can become a fertile ground for bacteria, mold, and mildew. Mop water, for example, makes its way into your grout, carrying a lot of grime with it. In time, your tile and grout will take on a dirty hue. However, you cannot just scrub the grime away because there's the risk of damage, and the eventual need for re-grouting and resealing.

Get rid of that dingy hue from your grout

Apart from carpet cleaning, we also offer tile and grout cleaning services for those who want to restore the color of their grout. We use an exclusive and effective cleansing method that is sure to leave your tiles looking as good as new in just a few steps. Our exclusive tile cleaning process is a combination of high-temperature, high-pressure, and powerful vacuuming to remove soil residues and restore the original color of your tile and grout. We can apply a sealant to protect against future grime and mold buildup after the cleaning is complete.

We have the experience to take care of any stone material.

Beautiful modern kitchen with amazingly clean wood floors

Whether it’s marble, natural stone, or a travertine surface, our well-trained technicians will be able to a great job in cleaning. Don't get frustrated by those tired-looking, dingy shower tiles, and dirty kitchen floors. Take advantage of our affordable and extensive cleaning services. Not only are we expert carpet cleaners, but we can also scrub your bathroom, kitchen, and patio tiles leaving your home sparkling.

Our Lake Mary Tile Cleaning services are good for:

  • Kitchen floors
  • Counters
  • Backsplashes
  • Walls
  • Bathroom floors
  • Tubs
  • Tiles
  • Outdoor terraces
  • Decks
  • Patios
  • Staircases
  • Other high traffic areas

With the latest equipment, and with consistently updated training, our Winter Springs carpet cleaning crew will handle the cleaning tasks effectively. The same job would require several hours from you. You should save yourself the time and money by having professionals handle your floor cleaning needs.

Always Residue Free

Other Orlando carpet cleaners can sometimes leave a residue or film behind that makes your carpet smell or gives it a sticky or slightly tacky feel. When we clean your carpets, we leave behind no sticky residue, no tacky feeling on your feet when you walk across the floor. Your carpets are always going to be truly clean -- they will smell clean, they will look clean, and they will feel clean.

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5 Reasons Why to Choose Our Carpet and Tile Cleaning Services

1. Carpet and tile stay cleaner for longer

We employ powerful, non-toxic cleaning solutions that clean beautifully leaving behind no soil-attracting residue. This helps your carpet and tile to stay clean.

2. Custom Cleaning

Carpet Reapir

Not only do we work around your schedule so as not to interfere with your daily routine, but we also take your priorities and preferences into consideration when coming up with a cleaning method to ensure you are satisfied with the final results.

3. 24/7 cleaning services

Here we go again, talking about your delicate knees and back. You do know that tiles are very hard to sanitize by hand, and amateur manual scrubbing can't produce quality results. Grout is very porous, which means it accumulates allergens, dirt and bacteria like a sponge. Extreme manual scrubbing cannot remove the bacteria that have seeped deep into your tile and grout. The bacteria can put your family members and even your pets at risk. Your time, your knees and back, your family and pets are worth the extra cost of having us, your Winter Springs tile cleaning company, expertly clean your flooring.

4. Trust

Trust us to take care of your home. Our offices are local, and we are committed to serving the community by providing an open line of communication and attention to detail. Our technicians are highly-trained professionals who will treat your property with the upmost respect to make sure you are satisfied.

5. Affordable professional carpet and tile cleaning services

The prices of our services are set at a competitive and fair price. If you need professional carpet or tile cleaning without breaking the bank, we will find the right cleaning solution that fits your budget.

As nice as it is to work and relax at home, bad indoor air is also the reason for an increase in respiratory problems in people in the industrialized world. To improve your indoor air quality and home ambiance, try our dry carpet cleaning service.

We focus on serving the Orlando-Kissimmee-Sanford Metro area. Get in touch with us for a free quote for carpet or tile services. There will be no unclear and hidden costs down the road. Everything is done to your satisfaction at the agreed-upon price.

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